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India market, PedalTune: Customisable throttle response

India market, PedalTune: Customisable throttle response

18 Jan 2017 (0) Comments

I quote the two of these together because I got the opportunity to test these on a 1.5 tdi Polo, the other day.
The connectors for the Petrol and Diesel were the same, so I decided to plug my GT's PedalTune into the diesel and see whether it works.

Kept the PedalTune button on OFF and decided to take a spin on an empty road. The 1.5 tdi is supposed to be a very powerful engine and in GT TDI guise, the car is quite a stonker. BUT, only when the huge lag initially is traversed. The GT TDI has the potential to knock the socks off a GT TSI in a 0-100 battle, but there is SO much lag initially, that the TSI comes out trumps every single time. This is the TDi's achilles heel, and everyone who owns a 1.6 tdi or 1.5 tdi will resonate my thought.

Anyway, after an underwhelming drive, I decided to switch the PedalTune to Sports +++ mode. 
Slotted the car into 1st, and got off the blocks with a moderately heavy foot. What happened, took me totally unawares! The car shot off the blocks like a bullet! The car was uncontrollable. That lag which I expected was virtually absent and took me unawares. I quickly shifted to second push the throttle a little gingerly, hoping not to ram into the car ahead of me. And this made me realize how linear the PedalTune has made the car. The car was very responsive at all RPMs and made city driving pleasurable. And the best part of it was that there was massive amounts of power on tap in all gears. 5th gear, 100 kph, relaxed mode, can convert to harakiri mode without downshifting, with just a heavier prod on the throttle. 
It's a revelation, this! And I am happier to use it in a diesel because it removes the one huge problem in most diesels, LAG.
Try it, guys!

@naren: now I am sure, your 1.6 will fly with this!

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